USAPDI Steel partners long-term with many organizations and companies for the mutual benefit of the organizations.

Asian American Contractors Association of Texas (AACATX)

AACATX welcomes long term partnerships with industry leaders, corporations and public agencies. As a small and new organization with quality members, we are confident in our significant capacity growth for the individual members and as an organization, if we have your strong support to help us fund our programs.

AACATX aims to increase the visibility and reach of minority businesses by promoting and creating new avenues to expand business opportunities as well as help these businesses prosper and connect with each other

PDI Green Technology (USAPDI)

Pacific Dynasty International, Inc. is a supplier of LED lights and importer/exporter located in Dallas, Texas, US. 

Their Goal is to provide the most cost eficient products with a long-term goal of saving in energy costs.